How It Works

Every so often I will open my shop for wall hanging orders to be made to order. I'll announce when I'm doing so on my instagram.

The shop will stay open until I reach the amount of orders I can create in 2 weeks, then I will change all of the listings to SOLD OUT.

It will take me 2 weeks to make the orders and then they will shipped out to you and the shop will open again.

The designs available at the moment are the felt collection I launched on the 8th.
In the coming months new designs will be released as well as a collection of linen and cotton pieces!
I'm hoping this system will be fairer and less stressful than launching a limited number all at once.

Please keep in mind that I work by myself and also have a part time job. I'm working as fast as I can to make sure everyone who wants a wall hanging gets one, so if you miss out please don't be disheartened, I'll be opening my shop frequently.